Peri Peri Birds Eye Chilly (100 gm)

Peri Peri Birds Eye Chilly (100 gm)

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Peri-peri, also known as piri-piri or the African Bird’s Eye Chili, is a hot pepper that is a close relative of the tabasco pepper. Peri-peri peppers are dried, typically in the sun, and ground into a powder to be used as a seasoning. They are often used in cayenne pepper blends, and due to their spice level, they can yield a very hot cayenne powder. peri-peri as a foreign word meaning “a very hot sauce made with red chilli peppers”, and gives its ultimate origin as the word for “pepper”.


Peri Peri Birds Eye Chilly are an inevitable part of cuisines in most of the cultures. Bird’s eye chilli (Thai chilli) or kantharimulak (Malayalam) is a cultivar from the species Capsicum annum. The bird’s eye chilli plant is a perennial bearing tiny, conical fruits which are either green or red. Since it is a traditional spice in Kerala cuisine, the plant is very common in the kitchen yards of many homes in Kerala. Homestead bird eye chillies from reliable sources are collected, cleaned, sun-dried, ground and packed with exceptional care so that they can set your taste buds ablaze with their fiery flavor.

Being one of the hottest chillies available, there is a high demand for them in local as well as foreign markets. A lot of other varieties of chillies may be available in the market but an avid chilli fan can never compromise on the spiciness of kantharimulak for anything else. Like any other chilli powder, it is used in a wide variety of Indian cuisine for adding spiciness to chutneys, pickles and curries. Bird’s eye chilli is also valued for its medicinal properties. It is believed to reduce hypertension and bad cholesterol. Kanthari chillies are using in curries and other food items, kanthari chilli has medicinal values. kanthari contains vitamin A,  B, C and E and minerals. Kanthari contains antioxidants and it can control the cholesterol level. This has the ability to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and other heart ailments. we can use this type of chillies in our curries instead of green chillies.

Health Benefits

  • Speeds Up Your Metabolism.
  • Helps Improve Eye Health.
  • Helps Improve mental health.
  • Boost immunity.
  • It can help lose weight.
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